How to defeat Milenkov in Destroy All Humans! 2 Reprobed

Take down the Soviet alien.

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The final main story mission in Destroy All Humans! 2 Reprobed is Dark Side of the Moon. For this level, you will be escorting Natalya through the Blisk base while injecting a virus into their system. After the long journey, you will be confronted by the final boss Milenkov, who will take his true alien form. Here is how to defeat him.

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How to kill Milenkov in Destroy All Humans! 2 Reprobed

An important thing to keep in mind with this fight is that Milenkov can regenerate health if you are not constantly hurting him. He also has some incredibly powerful armor, so you will want to have upgraded weapons. Regardless, this fight is going to be long and take a lot of chipping away at his health.

While this final boss fight is long and drawn out, there is a way to cheese it. If your Anal Probe weapon is fully upgraded, you can constantly shoot it into him. Charge it up and fire when the beam turns green for a critical hit. You should have seven shots back-to-back and plenty of time before you hit the end for your ammo to come back and keep firing. The weapon seems to stun him, so keep up the barrage for an easy victory.

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As you are probing Milenkov, keep kiting yourself around him. When he gets close he will do a ground slam to launch you in the air, but this won’t put you out of range and it doesn’t hurt you much. He also will shoot a laser and some energy beams at you, so avoid them as they come in.

Just keep firing and dodge his incoming fire to take his health all the way down. Doing this method will also earn you the side objective for preventing him from fully regenerating his health because it won’t get the chance to with you constantly damaging him.