How to defeat Robarg in Tower of Fantasy

Let’s raid her to death.

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Tower of Fantasy has six world bosses, and one of the bosses you can defeat during the early game is Robarg. Like any other world boss, defeating Robarg will reward you with many goodies, even a chance to get a random SSR weapon and a king SSR matric. You can find Robarg on the southern edge of Astra, and here is how you can defeat her.

Tower of Fantasy Robarg boss guide

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Robarg is a dangerous world boss capable of defeating you with just a few attacks. That’s why your first step toward defeating her is to find other players wanting to raid her. You can go to Robarg’s location and find other players who want to raid Robarg in the World Chat. Once you find players, go to the Channel where all of you plan to raid and start attacking Robarg.

Robarg is weak against fire, so you must bring weapons with the Flame element. It’s best to take at least one long-range and another powerful short-range weapon with you. That way, you can easily attack Robarg from anywhere and switch roles with other players in the raid. Robarg is resilient to Volt, so drop any of your Volt weapons and items to replace them with other suitable equipment.

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Robarg has a few different types of attacks and a phase where she has long vines to attack at a distance, but since she always stays in one place, you can easily avoid most of them. But it would be best if you always kept an eye for the poisonous gas, the bees, AoE, and the chasing attacks. When she is attacking you, try to get a perfect dodge and get massive damage done on her.

During the fight, Robarg will be able to get your health on low, and it’s best to prepare for those situations. That is why you should bring a generous amount of food items to heal yourself. Additionally, you should carry food items that will give you other bonuses.

After defeating her, use the perfect decipher to get a chance to grab the SSR weapon. Remember that Robarg is a tough world boss, and it’s nearly impossible to solo her on your own, so your best bet for defeating her is a raid with other players.