The best Demon Slayer character presets in Tower of Fantasy

It’s time to use Water Breathing!

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Everyone has been impressed by Tower of Fantasy‘s character customization. You can create almost any character you can imagine. This is why many players have banded together and started recreating their favorite anime characters in the game.

What are the best Tower of Fantasy Demon Slayer character presets?

Since there are many Demon Slayer fans, here is a list of some of the best Kimetsu no Yaiba character presets in Tower of Fantasy, in order of in-game popularity.

1) Nezuko

Screenshot by Gamepur

Appearing as one of the most popular characters presets in Tower of Fantasy, Tanjiro’s demon sister, Nezuko, is being roleplayed by thousands of players. Many players have had a go at creating Nezuko in Tower of Fantasy, and many have achieved outstanding results. Two of these creations have caught our eyes:

  • Raunchy Nezuko → Image ID: 137453
  • Normal Nezuko → Image ID: 1490

2) Shinobu

Screenshot by Gamepur

The powerful Hashira and role model for the protagonists, Shinobu, has also been created in Tower of Fantasy. One of her variants is very popular, garnering over 7000 upvotes. The best thing about this character is how the creator added the cat girl ears to represent the butterfly ribbon she wears. You can also choose this preset by using:

  • Image ID: 262872

3) Tanjiro

Screenshot by Gamepur

What can be better than playing as the protagonist of Demon Slayer? Many players have tried to create a realistic-looking Tanjiro, and we are proud to say that the one above is a complete success. The tattoo that they added to look like his scar looks great, and the haircut and colors all match his style in the anime.

  • Image ID: 3230445

4) Daki

Screenshot by Gamepur

Nobody can forget the extravagant Daki and her brother. She will always be remembered for angering Tanjiro and Nezuko to a point of no return. Someone also decided that Daki should be part of the Tower of Fantasy universe. One thing that you might change if you choose this preset is to change the tips of her hair to green.

  • Image ID: 57823

5) Tengen

Screenshot by Gamepur

One of the fan-favorite Hashira, Tengen, has decided to make an appearance in Tower of Fantasy. Since no haircut can properly represent him, the creator has decided to use his old hairstyle, from his young days as a ninja. This can work very well for roleplaying purposes, as you can go into this new world as a young and ambitious Tenge, not the old and retired one we’ve come to love in the anime.

  • Image ID: 3849400

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6) Mitsuri

Screenshot by Gamepur

Even though she hardly had any screen time, Mitsuri is one of the most popular Hashira. So, unsurprisingly, some fans have tried to recreate her in Tower of Fantasy. There are many presents, and we looked through them all. These two choices are the best if you want this Demon Slayer character preset in Tower of Fantasy:

  • Image ID: 248903
  • Image ID: 241845

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7) Gyomei

Screenshot by Gamepur

Gyomei has been hyped as one of the most powerful among the Hashira by the fans. Due to this fact, many would love to play as this terrifying crybaby. Luckily, there is someone that did a good job in recreating a character preset that resembles Gyomei. All you need to do is select Import in the character creation screen and type in:

  • Image ID: 194893

8) Kagaya

Screenshot by Gamepur

We didn’t originally expect this, but someone made Kagaya Ubuyashiki, the leader of the Demon Slayer Corps, in Tower of Fantasy. Though the character has been shown as kind and caring, there were no signs in the anime he could be a great fighter. However, if you like Kagaya and would like him to make an impact in this world as well, here is his ID:

  • Image ID: 4243089

9) Giyu

Screenshot by Gamepur

Giyu Tomioka is the first Hashira we ever meet in the Demon Slayer universe, and his cool, calm, and collected nature has gained him many fans. It wouldn’t be shocking if more people made him in Tower of Fantasy; however, we only found this creation that does look a lot like him.

  • Image ID: 3847583 

10) Kibutsuji Muzan

Screenshot by Gamepur

The main antagonist of Demon Slayer can be easily created in Tower of Fantasy. Maybe because he looks different every time he appears in the anime and manga. You can create a pale child, woman, or man, change their eyes into his iconic pinkish hue, and you get a Muzan copy. Here are some character presets we managed to find:

  • Child Muzan → Image ID: 4186195
  • Adult Muzan → Image ID: 3861607

Honorable Mentions

  • Zenitsu → Image ID: 8057081
  • Inosuke → Image ID: 8914808