How to find and defeat Aberrant Franken in Tower of Fantasy

Watch out for the belly flop.

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After you complete the first chapter of Tower of Fantasy’s story, the game world opens up a bit more for you to explore. With this, you also start finding quite a few side quests and optional objectives to cross off your to-do list. Some of the most interesting bits of side content here are the ruins, which are dungeons that often unlock new relics, as well as award you with valuable resources — if you can clear the boss fight at the end, that is. The first of these bosses you’re likely to come across is Aberrant Franken.

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Where to find Aberrant Franken in Tower of Fantasy

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You can find Aberrant Franken in Ruin A-02, along the southern edge of Astra, at the location shown above. Aberrant Franken is the boss at the end of this fairly short dungeon, which has a few enemy mobs to take out, as well as a new relic to use: the Strange Cube. This relic briefly changes gravity in a small area, allowing you to move heavy objects or toss enemies into the air. In Ruin A-02, you’ll use it to move some large cubes that are blocking laser beams that open locked doors. Outside, you’ll also find it useful for moving Singularity Rocks.

How to defeat Aberrant Franken in Tower of Fantasy

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Aberrant Franken is a fairly straightforward enemy encounter that uses similar abilities to those you’ve seen before. Despite its large size, Franken has a couple of surprisingly quick attacks that might take you off guard. The main ones to watch out for are a belly flop and a chain attack. In general, the belly flop is easy to avoid, since it doesn’t have much range, but it can chip away at your HP if you aren’t careful. The chain attack is even more punishing, but it’s also the easiest attack to punish with a well-timed dodge, which will give you lots of bullet time to unleash a flurry of your own.

Aside from these attacks, Franken also uses an energy shield, but take note that its weak spot on its back can negate this. The easiest way to take advantage of this it to use jumping bow attacks to find a favorable angle.