How to defeat Shamura in Cult of the Lamb

Squash the spider.

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Shamura lords over Silk Cradle, the spider-filled fourth biome that you can explore in Cult of the Lamb. Each Bishop transforms before the fight, and Shamura is no exception, turning into a massive spider to match the wildlife. Don’t let arachnophobia get in the way — read on to learn how to squash this spidery boss.

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How to beat Shamura in Cult of the Lamb

Despite being the last of the four living Bishops, Shamura might seem slightly easier than some previous bosses — as long as you keep moving. You need to stick and roll throughout this entire fight. That goes for both Shamura and the spider minions that join the battle. These are the types you fought in Crusades before the boss fight, so you should be used to them. Just be sure to steer clear of all the targets on the ground as the spiders swing on and off the screen.

Generally speaking, watching the ground will get you through most of Shamura’s ranged attacks. One rains down large bombs, and the other is a storm of smaller dots of poison. In both cases, avoid the flashing targets to keep your health intact. The poison dots only come later in the fight, so that should help.

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Shamura’s melee attacks can be a bit trickier sometimes. The lunge is telegraphed with a long lean back, so you have time to roll away before the actual attack arrives. The trickier move comes when Shamura swings off-screen. You don’t get the typical target in this case — look for Shamura’s shadow on the ground to know which spot to avoid.

Finally, Shamura has an attack that’s both melee and ranged: it’s a hop followed by a burst of a few fireballs. When you see this starting, it’s probably best to back off and focus on the minions before attacking the main boss again. Take care not to step in front of the fireballs traveling across the screen either.

Shamura is no pushover, but as long as you pay attention to all the signals on the ground, you’ll emerge victorious. After this fight, the door to The One Who Waits will finally be open.