How to defeat the final boss in Bayonetta 3

Fight against the multiverse.

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The final boss fight in Bayonetta 3 tests your knowledge, reflexes, and pattern recognition. Bayonetta 3 features a large assortment of weapons, demons, and upgrades for players to earn and level up, and this fight will require your best. Below, we will explain how to defeat the final boss in Bayonetta 3.

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How to defeat Singularity in Bayonetta 3

As final fights go, the battle against Singularity is one of the toughest you’ll come across and will require full use and knowledge of the combat mechanics. Witch Time will be your best friend here, so learn the patterns as quickly as possible to slow this creature down and give you time to dish out some damage.

Like most final bosses in the series, Singularity has multiple phases you have to contend with, and each stage has new attacks to overcome.

Phase 1: Singularity Chaos

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The opening phase of the final boss is more of a gimmick encounter, but it can still be failed if you don’t use your demon summons techniques. Singularity Chaos will attack with beams, and a massive Kaiju battle ensues. Make sure to use your standard attacks and execute the quick-time events when they appear on the screen. This phase will end quickly; then, you can move on to Singularity Balance.

Phase 2: Singularity Balance

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During the second phase, Bayonetta and Singularity Balance take their fight to space. This fight takes place in a large circular arena. This phase isn’t too difficult as long as you look out for the attacks this form likes to use. It features two front-facing shields, but these weapons can shoot a series of lasers that come at you quickly.

After dealing some damage, Singularity will close the shields around itself and start to form another shield. Use your demon summons to break their defense and leave them stunned. While you’re using your summon, be mindful of a portal appearing over your head. Singularity will launch attacks from this portal directly onto you, so take the time to dodge and activate Witch Time for easy damage.

Phase 3: Singularity Definition

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Singularity Definition is essentially the opening prologue boss fight with some new layers added in. This is by far the most demanding phase of this fight. It will throw everything at you, including several moves that require Witch Time. During this battle, make judicious use of your demon summons, as Singularity will attack them instead of you with a lengthy animation. While the boss is destroying the summon, take that opportunity to get in close and whittle the boss down.

Refrain from using long combos, as Singularity will create a green shield and burst to push you away. The other attack to look out for is a ring of spears it can summon. Wait until the circle of spears surrounding you stop moving, then dodge when they try to impale you for valuable seconds of Witch Time. Keep up your attacks, and soon Singularity will be no more, or is it?

Final Phase

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The final phase of the Singularity fight hands the reigns over to Viola. You will first have to deal with the Kraken. This fight is straightforward, as Viola can parry everything this monster dishes out. Get right in its face and parry the giant tentacles that slam down on you from the left and right to make short work of this creature.

After the Kraken is defeated, you will face off against a spectral form revealed to be Bayonetta herself. This fight is also relatively straightforward. Get in close and watch out for sizeable swooping scythe attacks. Try to parry her large attack swings, then attack with Viola’s sword to maximize your damage. After a short bout, this boss will be defeated.

Sit back and watch the controversial ending to the Bayonetta trilogy. Beating the final boss will unlock two new weapons for you to use on New Game Plus and more complex difficulties.