How to defeat the fourth Goliath in Silt – Gloom Flower boss guide

Do not sniff this rose.


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The Gloom Flower is the fourth and final Goliath boss in Silt. It’s the hardest fight in the game and the only boss that requires you to fight back instead of using the environment. This guide explains how to kill the Gloom Flower, so you can feed the great machine one last time and ascend.

Step 1: Awaken the Gloom Flower

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When you first encounter the Gloom Flower, it’ll be encased in a protective seal. There are two wires leading off either side of the seal. You need to follow them into the side rooms to find two lamps. In the room on the left-hand side, you need to possess this lamp and position it over one set of mushrooms below it so they grow. Then, using your diver’s lamp, make the second set of mushrooms grow so the vines pull back and the grotesque creature beneath can reach up and attack the lamp. This causes the lamp to retreat.

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The lamp on the right-hand side needs to be possessed and moved closer to the vines below it. Then, possess a teleporter fish and swim underneath the vines. Once you’re down there, you can possess one of the glowing orbs and swim up to explode close to the lamp, causing it to retreat. The Gloom Flower will reveal itself when you return to the central chamber. This process is similar to how you must feed the tree before that boss enters the arena.

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Step 2: Destroy the Gloom Flower

The Gloom Flower has two tendrils that can fire explosive orbs at you. The only way to defeat it is to possess these orbs as they’re fired at you, then swim them into the flower to cause some damage to the boss. You need to do this three times to kill the boss, but the fight will change each time you hit it.

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In the first phase, the boss only fires one projectile at you, which is very easy to possess. During the second phase, the boss ups its game and blasts three projectiles your way. In the third and final phase, the boss will continuously fire projectiles at a regular pace, leaving no room for error. We found that hiding out in the bottom corners of the arena made it impossible for the Gloom Flower to hit us. You just have to wait for the perfect projectiles to pass by for you to possess.

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After the third hit, the boss will fall, and you can absorb its soul. This leads to the final sequence of delivering the soul to the great machine and transferring it. After you’ve done that, the game’s credits will play, revealing all the other divers who have been trapped underneath the Gloom Flower and are now free to swim to the surface.

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