How to defeat the third Goliath in Silt – Mechanical Crab boss guide

Stay away from its claws.


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The Mechanical Crab is the third Goliath boss that you’ll need to kill in Silt. It’s easily the toughest battle in the game so far, and the darkness of the arena makes beating it all the more challenging. This guide explains how to defeat the Mechanical Crab so you can take its eye to the great machine.

Step 1: Cut the ropes on the right

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When you first enter the arena, swim to the bottom, and the Mechanical Crab will slowly lumber in from behind the scenery. As it does this, possess one of the teleporter rays swimming around. You need to use this fish to swim up the right-hand side of the arena and teleport through the rope blocking the diver’s way into a channel. Then, swim down the channel, possess one of the biter fish with large jaws, swim back up the channel, and bite through the rope. This will allow the diver to swim in.

Step 2: Swim into the channel and power up the lights

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Now that the path to the right is clear, swim the diver up and into it. Swim all the way down, and you’ll find an electric eel. For now, possess the same teleporter fish you used to access this area earlier. Teleport across to the left-hand side of the arena, where you’ll see an electric eel swimming around close to a light with no power. Possess the electric eel and use its ability to power up the light. This will trigger another light above it to shine, attracting the attention of the Mechanical Crab.

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The Mechanical Crab will grab the light and turn it off. However, if you’re fast, you can return to the diver by pressing the possession button and possess the electric eel on the right-hand side to power up the second light. If you pull this off, the Mechanical Crab will grab both lights and electrify itself, collapsing to the bottom of the arena.

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Step 3: Shock the body and grab the eye

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The Mechanical Crab’s body will sit there until you swim over to it. You need to possess an electric eel and use it to shock the body of the Goliath until it shifts and falls even deeper into the abyss. Follow the body, and you’ll find the crushed remains of the hulking boss. Absorb its eye and you’ll be transported to the great machine’s realm, where you can then transfer the soul.