How to destroy the barrier near Konda Village in Genshin Impact – Sacrificial Offering quest guide

Breaking barriers.

Image via miHoYo.

One of the steps in the Sacred Sakura quest in Genshin Impact is to destroy a barrier near Konda Village and the abandoned shrine. This puzzle plays out very much like the first puzzle, and you will need to arrange some lanterns in the correct order.

First, to find the puzzle you will need to find the barrier, which will require the Rust Worn Key. After that, make your way to the barrier itself. Here, you will find another wooden structure with some lanterns on it, and five lanterns surrounding it.

The first lantern, the one you purify, should be set to number one. The lantern directly under the structure should be set to number two, and the three all around the outside should all be set to number three so that they all activate at the same time. After you have set it all up correctly, you will need to find another powerful enemy.

The enemy shouldn’t be all that tough to defeat, and a combination of Cryo and Pyro damage should take care of him pretty quickly. After that, you will be able to explore Inazuma a bit more, but there are more steps to the quest that will need to be completed.