How to do Island Hopper quests in Fortnite

You have a limited time to complete these challenges.

Image via Epic Games

For a limited time in Fortnite, Island Hopper quests will give you the chance to earn multiple rewards from the occasion, such as Macaw Darkwings Back Bling, Tropic’s Beak Pickaxe, or the Ravage Spray, adding these exclusive items to your locker. You will need to visit a specific mode in Fortnite to work on these quests. Here’s what you need to know about how to do the Island Hopper quests in Fortnite.

How to complete Island Hopper quests

You won’t be able to work on the Island Hopper quests through the standard game or zero-build games. Instead, you need to make your way to the Island Hopper playlist, which you can find by scrolling down through the Game Mode section. You can find it by clicking the game mode on the far-right of your screen and selecting the Change option. From there, scroll down until you reach the Island Hopper playlist, which features multiple game modes for you to explore.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Each quest featured in the Island Hopper challenge requires you to visit specific maps in this list. These are all of the playlists you need to join for these challenges.

  • One Trigger by Horamubi
  • Parkour Universe by WertAndrew
  • Blimp Wars by The Bonnie Kiwi
  • Color Dash by Mr Monkey
  • Ultimate Murder Mystery by BrendanD
  • Prop Hunt: Modern Mall XP+ by Regirom

All six of these locations in the Island Hopper playlist have a specific challenge. You will then earn a reward for completing these challenges, and the more you finish, the more rewards you add to your locker. Unlocking all of the rewards for the Island Hopper quest may take time because of how different these game modes are from the traditional Fortnite game. You have until July 6 at 10 AM ET to complete them all.