How to do the Bump-and-Grab Scam on cops in BitLife

Be careful when performing this scam in BitLife.

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The Bump-and-Grab scam in BitLife is one of the easier starting techniques you can learn to do as a Scam Artist. Doing it to any person you meet on the street is easy, but performing it against a cop can be complicated, along with finding a cop to do it against. In addition, there are some things you need to do to set this up properly. In this guide, we cover how to do the Bump-and-Grab Scam on cops in BitLife.

How the Bump-and-Grab Scam works

Before attempting to do the Bump-and-Grab, you need your character to become a Scam Artist. You can do this from the Occupation page in the Special Careers section after your character graduates high school. There will be a Scam Artist section close to the bottom, and you can have your character work on the street to perform specific tasks to steal money off random individuals they encounter. The Bump-and-Grab scam is one of the more manageable tasks every Scam Artist can do.

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After becoming a Scam Artist, they now need to pick the activity they want to do. The Bump-and-Grab scam is one of the many more accessible cons you can do, and before you do it against cops, we recommend you pick smaller targets. Try to select individuals who won’t draw too much attention, and don’t attempt to steal massive valuables. Starting small won’t earn too much money, but honing your skills is essential.

After you reach halfway with the Bump-and-Grab scam, try to work on a street with heavy cop activity. You can view the amount of activity on a street when selecting them, with the number of cops at the bottom. Again, try to aim for the middle of the meter, but not too high.

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Now, all you have to do is wait to do the Bump-and-Grab until a cop shows up. From there, it’s a roll of the dice if they catch you or not. The higher your skill, the less chance they have to see you do it in the act.