How to complete the Slippery Devil Challenge in BitLife

You almost had them.

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The weekend has arrived, and you can now work on the Slippery Devil Challenge in BitLife. There will be multiple tasks you need to do for this challenge, and each will need to be completed on the same character. You also have limited time to finish it before the challenge is no longer available. This guide covers how to complete all tasks in the Slippery Devil Challenge in BitLife.

All tasks in the Slippery Devil Challenge

This is everything you will need to do if you want to complete the Slippery Devil Challenge.

The Slippery Devil challenge is all about scamming people, one of the latest updates to BitLife. Here, you will need to put your skills to the test as a scam artist. You can do this by becoming a Street Hustler in the Special Careers section. The first task you scamming a cop using the Bump-and-Grab scam, which is one of the Scams you do while on the street. You will need to increase your skill in this category to do it against a cop.

The next activity you need to do is the Fake Arrest scam, which you can find under the Advanced section. Again, you will need to increase your skills as a Scam Artist before reaching this area, so we recommend working on smaller targets before working your way up to this attempt.

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Throughout the time you’re running scams, you need to earn over $200,000. It will take quite a bit to reach this point, which means it’s all about focusing on this as your career and increasing your Scamming skills.

The cops will go after you, and you must escape the cops at least three times. Unfortunately, these are random events, which means you won’t always have the chance for them to chase after you. We recommend waiting for this to happen naturally in your career as a Scam Artist.

Finally, the last task you must work on is going to jail. You will want this to happen close to the end of your career when your character has already finished up the other assorted tasks on this list. When this happens, and they go to jail, your character will need to incite a riot. Starting a riot will be one of the many tasks they can do in-between their day, and you need to escape during this time. There will be an option for your character to escape after they begin the riot.

After you’ve completed all of these tasks, the challenge will be over. You will receive a random account item you can place on your character’s avatar and use it for every person you make on that account.