How to down Survivors using Victor’s pounce as The Twins in Dead by Daylight

Don’t let them get away.


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The Twins is one of the toughest Killers to play as in Dead by Daylight. Charlotte and Victor can peel apart from one another, allowing the Killer a much greater range of vision and detection, making them far more lethal in the process, but this can feel a bit complicated. This guide explains how to use Victor’s pounce to down Survivors, so you can easily pick them off in any given Trial.

How to down Survivors with Victor’s pounce

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To down a Survivor with Victor’s pounce, you need to pounce on any Survivor that already has an injury. If you pounce on a healthy Survivor, Victor will attach himself and ultimately injure that Survivor. But that’s not what you want to do. We found that the easiest way to down Survivors using Victor’s pounce was to run around as Charlotte and injure a few Survivors first. Then, we could safely use Victor to pounce on those same Survivors and down them quickly, allowing us to hook them as Charlotte later.

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Once you detach Victor, you’ll gain control over him and can roam the map much faster than Charlotte or most other Killers. He’s also much smaller and doesn’t alert Survivors with the same heartbeat noise that major Killers do. His pounce attack must be charged before you can attack a Survivor, which makes it challenging to use because you’ve got to line it up, and Victor is slower while his pounce is charged. The best way to get a guaranteed Survivor down is to pounce at an injured Survivor while they’re working on a generator or healing another Survivor.

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Victor and Charlotte can detect Survivors while they’re dormant, so we find it best to use them as proximity alarms. Position Victor near a generator early in a Trial and then run around attacking Survivors as Charlotte. Head back to Victor when you see a heartbeat, and you should find a few to slash up. When you’ve injured a few of them, send out Victor and use Charlotte as a proximity alarm near a hooked Survivor or a generator. With this tactic, you can’t go wrong and should rack up plenty of downed Survivors using that pounce attack.