How to dribble in FIFA 22

Move, move, move.

Image via EA Sports

Dribbling in FIFA 22 can be a game-changer. It can help you throw off user defenders and, in turn, open up space for the ball carrier on the pitch. FIFA 22 has several dribble controls that users should be aware of when hitting the field, What are those controls exactly? Let’s take a look.

There are four main moves you should get familiar with: regular dribbles, strafe dribbles, agile dribbles, and slow dribbles. The latter can be used only in 11v11 play. Additionally, you should know some of the other basic movement controls that are focused on moving and shielding the ball.

Here’s a look at the basic controls for these moves:

MoveXbox ControlPlayStation Control
Dribble/MoveL Left Analog
ShieldLT + Pull and Hold (Direction) L2 + Pull and Hold (Direction)
First Touch/Knock-OnRT + R (Direction) R2 + Right Analog (Direction)
Stop BallRT + No direction R2 + No direction
Jostle (While Ball in Air)LTL2
Strafe DribbleLB + LL1 + Left Analog
Agile DribbleRB + LR1 + Left Analog
Slow Dribble (11v11 only)LT + RT + L (Direction)L2 + R2 + Left Analog (Direction)
Skill MovesRRight Analog

FIFA users can create quite powerful skill moves with the right stick (for Xbox) or right analog stick (for PlayStation). While we won’t diminish the three moves listed above, the skill moves option can be pivotal for throwing off users and create fantastic dribble moves.

Make sure to get familiar with the moves listed above. Dribbling is very important in this game, for obvious reasons, and it’s even more critical in online play. Get these moves right, and you’ll be on the right track.