How to drift in Century: Age of Ashes

Don’t turn like a chump.


Image via Playwing LTD

The hardest part of playing Century: Age of Ashes is learning how to control your dragons. These beasts don’t stop flying for the entire match. You just have to control where they go and how fast. Turning is the most awkward part, but some crafty players have figured out a way to get around corners and away from enemies slightly faster than you’d expect through a technique they’re calling drifting. This guide explains how to drift.

Boost then tap your brake

To drift your dragon, you need to boost first. Once your dragon is boosting away, tap the brake button and turn the dragon in whatever direction you want to move. As you do, you’ll notice that the dragon turns much faster than it usually does, allowing you to round corners that would have been impossible before. This technique is particularly useful when escaping an enemy fireball by quickly drifting and going through a tunnel.

You’re also able to drift while using a geyser. This is only really useful when an enemy is chasing you. Drift just before you hit the geyser, and then you and your pursuer will end up at the top of the geyser facing opposite directions. It’s the perfect way to make a narrow escape.