How to earn coins fast in Brawlhalla

Forget the chores — finish your daily tasks in Brawlhalla.

Image via Ubisoft

Brawlhalla can be a tough grind to earn coins with relatively small rewards for completing matches. However, there are some ways to accelerate the process by finishing daily missions, brawls of the week, and logging in.

Finish daily missions

Completing your daily missions is the fastest way to earn coins in Brawlhalla. They each give 250 coins upon completion and reward you for playing a certain type of character. You can find out what you need to do in the battle results screen or on the main menu under notifications. For example, the three dailies we received one day were:

  • Win three ranked 1v1 matches
  • Get eight sword or hammer K.Os.
  • Get three wins as a bow legend

The missions will change every day, so make sure you read your goals before playing a match. If you have a mission that says it will register K.Os from multiple weapons, choose a legend who wields both to get the number of K.Os you need faster.

Win the brawl of the week

Ubisoft has a brawl of the week that will net you 300 coins if you complete the game’s challenge. It will rotate the mode and the format of the match, keeping you on your toes. We found this to be a particularly challenging way to earn coins as the competition was stiffer than a free-for-all match. Watch out and stay focused.

Log in daily

Make sure you log in to the game daily, as you’ll get coins just for booting up Brawlhalla. Even if you don’t plan on playing it, make sure you leave yourself a reminder to check in. On a typical week, you can gain up to 750 coins every five days. Seasonal events can also boost the number of coins you receive too, so make sure you check in to the game, especially whenever the developers implement a holiday surprise.

Win free-for-all matches

Ranked games give a fraction of the amount that free-for-all matches provide. In one ranked match, we gained 28 gold instead of the 38 gold we received in an unranked free-for-all match. Play as a top-tier character like Scarlet or Artemis and lay waste to your competition.