How to earn Judgement Points in Warframe

Render your judgement.


Image via Digital Extremes

Judgement Points in Warframe are a resource that can be earned by taking part in the Rathuum Arena on Sedna. They are used to fight Kela De Thaym. This is a Grineer Arena, effectively a game show held by De Thaym for the amusement of her Grineer forces.

These matches play out as arena against Executioners, set Grineer NPCs with an assortment of skills and abilities. These can actually be quite tough, and at one point various strategies existed to make this one of the best Endo farms in the game. They have since been supplanted by Arbitrations for this purpose. For points farming purposes, Nakki is the best node as it has no entrance cost, rewards 10 points, and is the lowest level allowing for quick clears.

Judgement poinnts are reward upon the successful completion of a match.

Location on SednaLvlCost to EnterReward
Nakki400 points10 points
Yam6010 points15 points
Vodyanoi8515 points25 points


Each arena match will have a modifier that will impede the player in some way, similar to Nightmare Missions.

  • Half Energy – maximum energy reserves are reduced by 50%.
  • Half Health – maximum health is reduced by 50%.
  • Half Shields – maximum shields is reduced by 50%.
  • Health Drain – Players will lose 100 points of health every 5 seconds. Killing an enemy will instantly restore the player’s health to full.
  • Low Gravity – Gravity is reduced.
  • Quick Respawn – both enemies and players respawn faster.
  • Reduced Ability – Ability duration is reduced to 25%.
  • Reinforcements – More Executioners will be present in the round.
  • Scaling Enemies – Enemy level increases each time they are killed.
  • Speed Boost- greatly increases sprint speed.
  • Tougher Enemies – Enemy’s health values are greatly increased.


In addition to Judgement Points, players can also earn the following rewards:

  • Credit Cache – 4000
  • Endo – 250
  • Forma Blueprint
  • Crushing Ruin
  • Decisive Judgement
  • Final Harbinger
  • Stalking Fan
  • Vemillion Storm