How to eat spaghetti in DogLife – That’s Amore Achievement

Please sir, may I have one spaghet?

Screenshot by Gamepur

Everyone loves spaghetti, right? It does not matter if you are a human or a dog; you are sure to want a bite if a plate of spaghetti is nearby. In DogLife, you actually get rewarded with an achievement called That’s Amore if you eat some of the tasty Italian treat. Here is how to eat spaghetti in DogLife.

Eating some spaghetti in DogLife will take quite a bit of luck and maintaining good relationships. First, you will need to have an owner in a household. Work up your relationship with them by cuddling, nuzzling, and giving them love. If your owner is married or has kids, you will have even more chances to get some spaghetti from them. During this time, also practice the Politely Beg trick in the Activity tab. We cannot guarantee if this helps, but it is worth a try.

With your skill upgraded and a good relationship with your owner in place, select your owner(s) in the Household tab and then select Beg. If you have a low relationship, your owner will get mad and yell at you. With a better relationship, you have a good chance for them to either boop your snoop or give you food. You will probably start out getting things like a cucumber or kale, but just keep continuously begging. Eventually, you should get some spaghetti from your owner and earn the achievement. If your owner’s relationship begins to fall from all the begging, be sure to do nice things to build it up again.