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How to enter the goblin mine in Hogwarts Legacy

The door is looking at you.

It’s All Gobbledegook is a main story quest in Hogwarts Legacy, which forms part of the section of the story where your overall goal is to stop Ranrok and Rookwood from doing whatever evil nastiness they have planned. In It’s All Gobbledegook, you are assisted by Lodgok, a friendly goblin, and Amit Thakkar, a fellow student at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Your first objective is to speak to Amit, then to travel to the goblin mine to the southeast and meet Lodgok outside the entrance. After Lodgok fills you in on what he thinks Ranrok is up to, your next objective is to enter the goblin mine. But the door blocking the entrance is locked and, what’s more, it’s pretty weird looking.

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How to enter the goblin mine during It’s All Gobbledegook in Hogwarts Legacy

You can’t interact with the door at the entrance of the goblin mine, and it also can’t be destroyed, no matter how many times you blast it with your most destructive damage and force spells. It’s also not unlocked by completing any kind of puzzle or challenge, and you can’t cast your Alohomora lock picking spell on it. So, how does the goblin mine door open?

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When you approach the door, your character should point out that it’s looking at you. You might also notice that there’s something familiar about this door, in that it looks a lot like the locked eye chests that you can find scattered around the Hogwarts Legacy map. Like those eye chests, the door has a magical eye set into it. And if it sees you coming, it’ll panic and shut itself tight. But if it doesn’t see you coming, it’ll open (even though it doesn’t know you’re there, which is weird, but magic doors are weird by nature, so deal with it).

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So, to enter the goblin mine, you need to get yourself to where the door can’t see you, then cast Disillusionment so that you turn invisible. Approach the door in this invisible state and it’ll open, allowing you to enter the goblin mine.

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