How to exchange Pokémon Home points for Battle Points

There’s a new way to earn battle points

Image via The Pokémon Company

Pokémon Home gives you the chance to keep all of your Pokémon in one place in a digital format. You can transfer them over from your Pokémon Bank, Pokémon Go, Let’s Go Eevee or Let’s Go Pikachu, and Pokémon Sword and Shield. When you download the mobile application, you can also trade them with strangers or friends, create labels, participate in the wonder box, gain mystery boxes, and have the application judge your Pokémon if you have the premium subscription. For those using the Nintendo Switch version of Pokémon Home, you can earn points to give yourself battle points to use in Pokémon Sword and Shield.

To gain access to Pokémon Home points, you need to open up your Nintendo Switch and download the application. It shouldn’t take you too long, and it only takes up 707MB of space. When you have it downloaded you need to go through the tutorial process for the first time, which takes about as long as the download.

When that wraps up, you are free to start exploring Pokémon Home. The first thing you can do is transfer Pokémon over to your new system, and when you do, you can start completing challenges and research tasks. You can check what research tasks are in the Pokémon Home application by viewing them in the Pokédex option on the main menu, to the right of the National Pokédex. You should see a list of available research tasks from the games connected to Pokémon Home.

When you complete research tasks, you receive Pokémom Home points for going through these hardships and collecting the required Pokémon. Not all of the challenges are immediately available, so you can expect more to release, with even more to come later down the line. When you receive enough Pokémon Home points, return to the main menu and go down to the bottom option to use your Pokémon Home points. You can select the Pokémon game you want to give the points to, and give your profile battle points based on the progress you’ve made in Pokémon Home.

Pokémon Home points do take time to acquire because of how The Pokémon Company rolls out the challenges the types of Pokémon you need to collect. You can expect to see more as Pokémom Home expands.