How to trade Pokémon with friends in Pokémon Home

Trading with friends is much better than trading with strangers in Pokémom HOME

Image via The Pokémon Company

You have the opportunity to keep all of your Pokémon in one digital space with Pokémon Home. You can transfer Pokémon from your Pokémon Bank, Pokémon Go, Let’s Go Eevee or Let’s Go Pikachu, and Pokémon Sword and Shield. In the game, you have the chance to trade Pokémon with strangers, participate in the wonder box trading format, organize them using labels, receive more mystery boxes, and even have them judged. More importantly, you can trade Pokémon with friends.

When you want to trade a Pokémon with a friend, you first need to add them to your friend’s list on Pokémon Home. You do connect your Pokémon Home to your Nintendo Account, you still need to them through Pokémon Home. To do so, you need to do it from the mobile application, which you can download for iOS or Android smartphones. After you downloaded it and go through the tutorial process, you’re free to use the application.

On the front page of the Pokémon Home application, you should see a friend’s icon with two hands shaking. Click on it, and you should go to your friend’s list. You won’t have anyone here right now, but you can fix it. Click on the add friend button to go to a page where you should see your friend code you can send to friends you want to add. You can send this code to friends or have them sends theirs to you to add at the bottom of the page. Choose to sends it, inputs the code, and the two of you should become friends shortly after.

Now that you’re friends you can trade with them. Go to the trade page in the Pokémon Home mobile application by sliding to the left. You should be able to trade with friends at the bottom. Go to the page, pick the friend you want to trade with, and the two of you are good to go. Alternatively, your friend can send up a trading room and make it private by telling you the ID of the room or by sharing the room’s pattern with you. Only those with the premium subscription to Pokémon HOME can create a room trade, so the friend’s trading area is great if both of you have free access to Pokémon Home.

The more friends you add to your Pokémon Home account, the more chances you have to collect Pokémon you’ve been on the hunt to collect.