How To Farm Aya in Warframe (Best Farming Spots In 2024)

Warframe has dozens of resources and currencies for players to earn, making it difficult to track each on, such as Aya, down.

farming aya in warframe

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Over the decade Waframe has been around, developer Digital Extremes has created an extensive library of expansions and updates to build onto its world. Each one adds new resources and currencies, such as Aya, making it hard to keep track of everything there is to collect.

Warframe players have more than ten years worth of content to explore when they first pick up the game. Even veterans who have untold hours of progress can still find areas they’ve not fully explored or activities they haven’t completed. In such a massive game, it’s easy to forget where to farm a resource such as Aya, or what it’s used for. After all, the only reason we remember Platinum is the premium currency is because players shout about it all day on the marketplace.

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How to Farm Aya in Warframe

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The best way to Farm Aya in Warframe is to grind out in-game activities and Relic Hunts. Aya is a currency that will drop from these activities, but the loot table is so massive that players won’t see it every time.

If players are in a hurry, they should grab T5 Bounties from Fortuna. T5 Deimos Bounties have a high Aya drop rate, but the most efficient and common are T5 Fortuna Bounties because they have double the drop rate for Aya of any others in that region. Finally, T5 Cetus Bounties also have a great drop rate for Aya, so players who pick up any of these will be well on their way to grinding out a lot of Aya.

For players who don’t want to slog through Bounties, running Void Capture on Ukko is a fairly decent way of farming Aya. The drop rate is pretty low, but the mission can be completed so quickly that it doesn’t matter.

Finally, players can also pick up Aya from Relic Packs or as part of their Daily Login Bonuses. These are hard to farm, though, and the rates for which players will earn Aya this way are heavily reliant on RNG. So much so that it’s not worth farming at all.

What is Aya in Warframe?

hydroid prime in warframe
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Aya is a resource in Warframe added with the Veilbraker update. It’s used with the Prime Resurgence vendor, Varizia, in Maroo’s Bazaar. There, players can purchase Void Relics, which are extremely lucrative when trying to farm Prime Relics for the latest weapons and Warframes such as Alccetra. These are some of the rarest items in the game, which is why they require such a hard to find currency.