How to Farm Arrows in Palworld (Craft All Arrow Types Quickly)

Arrows are one of the most important resources for the early game in Palworld, and knowing how to farm them is key.

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Arrows are one of the most important items players will be crafting for what feels like forever in the early hours of Palworld. It’s a grind to gather all the materials required. That is unless players use the correct farming methods for each arrow type.

In Palworld, players are given the ability to hunt and capture Pals so they can help them out in their base by performing various useful tasks such as wood chopping, mining, and crafting. However, Pals must be damaged to make them easier to catch, and bosses require ranged weapons early on, such as the Bow and Arrow. This means players will be working away to get Wood and Stone for Arrows for hours unless they use our specific farming methods.

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How to Farm Arrows in Palworld

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To farm Arrows in Palworld, players must set up their base so that they have a Berry Plantation, a Logging Site, and a Stone Pit with Pals working on all three. This provides Pals with food to keep them working, plus all the resources required for Arrows.

Next, players need to use the Primitive Workbench to queue up as many Arrows as possible and start their production. All that’s left to do is ensure there’s at least one Pal with the Handiwork skill in the base, and players can head off exploring for hours. When they return, their Pal will have crafted as many Arrows as possible in the time they’ve been working.

The higher the Pal’s Handiwork skill, the faster they’ll craft Arrows. Players can also build and place the Large Toolbox once they reach level 19. this item boosts the Handiwork speed of all Pals in the base, meaning every task will be completed faster.

Using this method, we crafted 249 Arrows while we left our game to run in the background. All we did was check in to feed our character and Pals now and then. We also had to move a few resources into chests so we could queue up more Arrows, but it only took 10 minutes of controlled play to farm all these arrows and much more.

How to Farm Fire Arrows in Palworld

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To farm Fire Arrows in Palworld, players must build and assign Pals to a Logging Site, Stone Pit, and Berry Plantation. This will automate resource gathering and keep Pals well-fed. Next, they need to find a plentiful source of Flame Organs. The best place in the early game is the Small Settlement Merchant.

Players will need Gold to buy their Flame Organs unless they’ve found a good source of reliable Pals they can capture or defeat for their innards. We found that selling resources such as standard Arrows is a great way to build up the Gold needed to buy that extra resource.

Then, once players have all the materials needed, they can set up the production of as many Fire Arrows as possible and leave their Pals to craft them as they explore. It’s best to save Fire Arrows in the early game for bosses in Palworld because they’re quite rare. Later in the game, when Butchering can be automated, they’re easier to farm.

How to Farm Poison Arrows in Palworld

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To farm Poison Arrows in Palworld, players need to set up their Berry Plantation, Logging Site, and Stone Pit with Pals running them. This will keep every Pal fed and working hard, ensuring a constant supply of materials.

Next, players must gather as many Poison Organs as possible. The best way to get these is by hunting and capturing or defeating Daedream or Leezpunk. Both drop Poison Organs, but Daedream is much easier to farm.

Finally, once players have all the materials required, they must set up their production queue on the Primitive Workbench and leave their Pals to craft all the Poison Arrows for them while they explore the map. While Poison Arrows require a rarer material than standard arrows, players can still farm them quickly if they bring back Poison Organs each time they head out from their base.

For all types of Arrow farming, it’s worth setting up the automation of Wood, Stone, and Red Berry gathering first. Once this is running smoothly, all Pals will be cared for while players explore or wait for their items to be crafted. Every Arrow crafted will boost Pal levels, so players can also use this method to farm their Pal and character levels while doing something else.

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