How to farm target intel in The Division 2

Where you can find target intel to hunt bounties

When you want to hunt down high-value bounties in The Division 2, you need to use the intel to locate their position because they have plenty of great gear for you to utilize when you take them down. Target intel is a vital resource you receive at the start of every reset week, and every player gets 50. This is the maximum amount of target intel your character can have, and it starts to go away when you choose to go after a bounty. If you fail to take down the bounty, it remains in the district, but you need to use more intel to locate them once again. 

For those in need of target intel, you have three methods you can locate it in the game.

  • Control points
  • Bosses at control points
  • Random events on the map

When enemies take over a control point, you can find to return to your allies. You first need to clear out the control point, and then protect it against another wave. While you do this, you need to have called allies to occupy it once more and defend it. After you conquer the control point and gain access to the supply room, you can locate some nearby target intel, usually found near the location of the supply room. It should be an orange location; much like any other chest, you can loot in the game. While invading these locations, sometimes, the bosses you encounter here drop target intel. This doesn’t happen as often, but it’s a method to acquire more.

The final way you can acquire target intel is by investigating the random events around Washington D.C. These are the question marked locations. You can hover over these locations on the map, and they should read ‘Unknown Activity.’ Head to them to deal with what’s happening. These can vary from having to disable propaganda, rescuing hostages, or dealing with enemies in the area. Completing these has the potential for intel to drop.

None of these are guaranteed ways to have target intel dropped. You may have to roam around Washington D.C., seeking them out and randomly finding them by completing several tasks. Whenever you have enough, always see if there’s an available bounty you can hunt for some decent gear.