How to get bounties in The Division 2

Bounties are a great way to earn loot in The Division 2, but things have changed since the game first launched

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Bounties are an excellent way to grab some decent gear in The Division 2. Previously, you relied on using target intel to turn in and go after some hefty targets. You’d go after smaller targets, and then after having turned those in, you have the opportunity to go after a larger target with even more loot. However, things have changed following the release of the Warlords of New York expansion. But they still offer decent loot, though.

You no longer need to worry about the target intel. You don’t need this resource to go after bounties. You can’t find them on the overhead map, either. They have disappeared, and instead, you have to start roaming the world to find bounties.

You want to find public events to gain bounties. These events include hostage situations and public executions. By saving the civilians, they give you a bounty token you can obtain. After grabbing it, you have 15 minutes to go to the target location, take them down, and obtain the loot. If you lose them and miss them before time runs out, you have to find another public event to try again against a different bounty.

The new set up makes it easier to find bounties continually. If you fail to take a bounty or the timer runs out, go to the main map menu, and go to the bounties tab. You can activate the bounty from here and try again.

When you’re in the New York settlement, there is a location for bounties. This area will likely come up when season 1 launches for The Division 2 on March 10and you have access to the Manhunts. Manhunts are weekly events where you have to go after a particular NPC. There are new ones every three weeks, and if you get them all, you can go after the big prize.

While bounties work a bit differently, they still provide you with decent loot. The mechanic also enhances public events, making them far more attractive to go after. You should also consider locating the new SHD caches hidden throughout New York, such as the ones in Battery Park and the Civic Center.