How to feed and befriend Raccoons in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Raccoons are great friends.

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There are a decent number of animals that you will come across as you progress through the different biomes of Disney Dreamlight Valley. Each of these animals can be interacted with, fed, and befriended. Unfortunately, not all of these critters are as easy to feed as a Squirrel. Some of them take a bit of effort. Raccoons are, by far, the most difficult of the animals to get close to. Here is how you can feed and befriend Raccoons in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to feed Raccoons

Raccoons can only be found in one biome in Dreamlight Valley; the Forest of Valor. This biome is the one to the northeast of the Plaza. You will only ever see two Raccoons at a time in this area. To find out which ones are currently in the area, check out the critters section of the collections menu.

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Once you have spotted a Raccoon in the Forest of Valor, your goal is going to be to feed it. Raccoons will eat a good amount of different items but their favorite food is Blueberries which can also be found in the Forest of Valor. To feed a Raccoon, walk up to it and stop when you see it go up on its hind legs like in the image below.

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When the Raccoon lowers itself back down to more of a sitting position, move your character forward slightly before stopping. The Raccoon will become alerted each time your character moves or even if you don’t move for a short while. Keep moving whenever the Raccoon is not alerted. When you reach the Raccoon, you will see a prompt to approach it.

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How to befriend a Raccoon

Any animal can be befriended with the power of food. All you need to do to befriend a Raccoon is feed the same one twice. Each Raccoon is different so make sure that you focus on feeding the same Raccoon variant. After feeding it twice, the Raccoon’s picture will be highlighted in the collections menu.

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Any animal that has been fed multiple times is able to be chosen as your companion. To change your companion, open the inventory menu and select the wardrobe option. From there, select the option that says companion and choose which animal you want to follow you.