How to feed pelicans in Far Cry 6

Pelicans are one of the many animals you can interact with in Far Cry 6.

Screenshot by Gampur

There is a lot of animal interaction in Far Cry 6. At the beginning of the game, you are introduced to a crocodile named Guapo that you can pet. Later on, you get even more amigos of different species that you can interact with.

One of the animals you can interact with, strangely enough, is pelicans. Your first interaction with one of these large water birds might be during the Little Birdie Told Me treasure hunt where you have to feed the pelican named Danilo so he will lead you to the treasure at the end of the hunt. This isn’t the only time you can interact with these birds.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Take a look at the map above. Pelicans are the easiest to find out on the shores of La Joya. If you travel to the eastern shores of the Dorado Cove region of La Joya, you can discover a pelican hunting spot. Sure, you could come here to do some hunting, but why would you hurt such a harmless bird?

Search the area when you arrive. Pelicans are typically located on the shore or in the water. Unfortunately, if they are in the water you will have to wait for them to come ashore before you can interact with them.

Once one arrives on the shores, walk up to it. Be careful when running because it can spook them and definitely don’t go firing your gun. Walk up to the pelican and interact with it by pressing either square or X depending on what console you are on. This will initiate a scene where you toss the bird a little fish.