How to find a Mirelurk Queen in Fallout 76

The biggest beast in the land.

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There are some mighty large enemies that you will fight as you survive in the harsh wastelands of Appalachia in Fallout 76. Of course, none of these beasts are as large as the Mirelurk Queen. Tower above all else, these creatures are difficult-to-find and are very tough to beat. Mirelurk Queens can often one-shot players who aren’t careful and are often surrounded by smaller Mirelurks making them very formidable foes. This guide will show you how to find a Mirelurk Queen in Fallout 76.

Mirelurk Queen locations in Fallout 76

Mirelurk Queens are the most rare type of Mirelurk that you will find throughout Appalachia. Despite their size, they are often hard to spot because they bury themselves in the ground. While these creatures are rare, they aren’t impossible to find and have a few dedicated spawn locations around the map where you can easily find them if you are up to the challenge.

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If you are looking to take down a Mirelurk Queen or two, you will need to travel some pretty far distances. The following areas are where you can locate these creatures:

  • Two Mirelurk Queens have a chance to spawn at The Freak Show
  • One Mirelurk Queen can typically be found wandering around the Toxic Dried Lakebed
  • A Mirelurk Queen can be found in Spruce Knob Lake
  • One Queen can be found in the water at Sunrise Field
  • There is one Mirelurk Queen in the water near Mac’s Farm
  • One Mirelurk Queen has a chance to spawn at the Cranberry Glades

As you can see, there are quite a few spawn locations for the Mirelurk Queens if you decide to track them down. Remember, these beasts will have other Mirelurks and possibly a Mirelurk King fighting alongside them.

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Mirelurk Queens can spawn in other areas around the map during event missions. For instance, the Swarm of Suiters event typically has a Mirelurk Queen spawn at the end of the mission. Other events like Primal Cuts and Heart of the Swamp also have a chance to spawn a Mirelurk Queen for the participants to fight. These Mirelurk Queens are often stronger than standard ones so you will need to be prepared.