Spruce Knob Lake location in Fallout 76

A scenic lake view.

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There are tons of locations to discover in Fallout 76. One of the ones that you can go the whole game without finding is Spruce Knob Lake. This area is a bit of a hidden gem that contains plenty of enemies and loot for those who go searching for it. The funny thing about this location is that it is located near an area you probably frequent; Foundation. This guide will let you know how to find Spruce Knob Lake in Fallout 76.

How to find Spruce Knob Lake in Fallout 76

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If you are looking for Spruce Knob Lake, you might want to wait until you have progressed through the game for a little while. This is because the enemies in this area can be a bit tough for new players. Spruce Knob Lake can be found just south of the home of the Settler faction, Foundation. If you have this area unlocked, you can easily reach Spruce Knob Lake for free by fast traveling to Foundation first. Foundation is marked by the large green building in the southern part of the Savage Divide and to the west of Cranberry Bog.

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What to do at Spruce Knob Lake

Spruce Knob Lake is home to many Mirelurk enemies. If you are in need of meat to cook, you may as well stop by this area and get some experience while you are at it. There is a boat house next to the lake that you can enter. This area typically has bathing suits and fisherman gear to wear along with a ton of junk to scrap back at your camp. If you decide to walk out into the lake, you will usually find a Mirelurk Queen that spawns. Defeat it to get a good amount of experience and some more loot.