How to Find and Catch a Petallia in Palworld

Healer pals are great. And when it comes to healing, Petallia is the best in Palworld.

catch Petallia

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The mechanics in Palworld can be a bit tough, but none are as baffling as healing. Luckily, if you get a Petallia, she’ll heal 400 HP with her partner skill.

After building my first medicine workbench in Palworld, I expected red potions of all sizes to show up. To my surprise, not only did the usual HP regenerating items not appear, but there also would be no odd alchemy alternative for healing in this creation. Turns out it’s just for healing Pals who’ve got some illnesses. Please, let’s just not act like we’re not putting lazy and ill pals to sleep in the Palbox the minute they stop working.

However, as it turns out, healing in Palworld is a bit more complicated than I originally anticipated. Though health regenerates slowly on its own when you’re out of trouble, that’s not going to help you in battle. That’s why you need a healing Pal like Petallia in your party. In this guide, I’ll help you find, beat, and catch Petallia in Palworld.

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Petallia Location Palworld

where to find Petallia
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Petallia can either be found as a boss in the Sealed Realm of Spirits (coordinates X:-20, Y:-264) or as a regular hostile pal on the island in the southeastern corner of Palworld‘s map.

Petallia Palworld Location
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The Sealed Realm of the Spirits is a boss-only dungeon that can be found in the island in the center of the Galapagos Island, west of where you fought the level 11 Chillet Boss. The closest fast-travel waypoint to the Petallia boss spawn location in Palworld is the Ancient Ritual Site. This is a 28-level boss, so you won’t have much trouble taking it down.

If you’d rather avoid this boss, you can head to the island in the southeast corner of the map, where you can also find a wild Penking waiting to be captured.

How to Beat and Catch Petallia in Palworld

Beat Petallia Palworld
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To beat Petallia in Palworld, make sure you reach level 25, get a team of fire-type pals, and head into the Sealed Realm of Spirits.

You’d be tempted to believe this grass alpha Pal isn’t much trouble, but I was proven wrong right away when my character fell flat on the ground a minute after entering the Sealed Realm of Spirits. Petallia has three powerful moves:

  • Bubble Launcher: locks on you or your Pal and launches four to six bubbles.
  • Wind Cutter: throws a green wind-slashing attack your way.
  • Poison Spit: approaches you or your Pal and spits poison.

If you keep your distance, stick to hiding on the room’s pillars, and let your fire Pals take the heavy workload of beating Petallia in Palworld, you’ll be OK. To catch Petallia in Palworld, make sure to use a Mega or Hyper Sphere to increase your chances of success.