How to Find & Farm Leather in Palworld

Leather is one of the many materials important for player’s survival in Palworld, and grinding it is about finding the right Pal.

Palworld leather Vixy

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Survival is the key and befriending the locale wildlife is the game in Palworld. However, Pal Trainers will need various materials to make it in this uncharted land, and leather is just one of them.

When jumping into Palworld, gamers might be overwhelmed by the amount of craftable items that are needed to survive. Of these recipes, many call for Leather. However, this isn’t as easy to come by as Wool or even Pal Fluid. Players will have to access new areas, and have a few Pal Spheres handy, to make sure they can bring back the Pal needed to farm this critical material.

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How to Get Leather in Palworld

Palworld Map
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Players can get leather by finding and either capturing or defeating Vixy, the Neutral type Pal. These little guys are found near the starting location of the game and the bottom of the mountain to the Southwest. They like to gather around the Syndicate Tower Entrance.

Vixy are not the strongest Pals, but to make gathering leather easier, players should bring a Dark type as Neutral types are weak against Dark types. These two factors make them one of the easiest sources of leather.

Other Pals that drop leather are the following.

  • Direhowl
  • Eikthyrdeer
  • Foxparks
  • Fuack
  • Fuddler

These Pals can be found in the same area as Vixy, near the Syndicate Tower Entrance. To see what a Pal drops, players can look at the Paldex which will contain all relevant information about each Pal that a player has caught.

The best way to gather leather is to grind by fighting as many Pals that drop leather as possible. Make sure to bring plenty of food and Pals to help. I find using range weapons to be the most effective to keep players alive while dealing decent damage.

What is Leather Used For in Palworld

Palworld technology menu
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Leather is needed to craft Pal items such are saddles, harnesses, and collars. But most importantly it will be needed for crafting stronger armor. The boss battles are no joke in Palworld, and some Pals are very strong. Players will need to obtain better armor for those harder battles to ensure they can continue accessing new locations and catching the more powerful species of Pal scattered around the map.

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