How to Find and Kill a Far Cry 5 Lieutenant

In Far Cry 5, being able to carry as many weapons as possible is important. At first you can carry two guns and a melee weapon. It is possible to carry up to four guns by unlocking specific perks in the game. The first additional weapon is easy to unlock. Simply earn the eight Perk Points needed and pick it from the relevant perk tree. The second additional weapon is a tougher one to get, or even figure out.

Far Cry 5 Lieutenant

The game does a very poor job of explaining who the Lieutenants actually are, but it turns out there are the Seed siblings. Take out either John, Jacob, or Faith and you will be able to unlock the fourth and finally weapon slot. To get a shot at one of the siblings, you will need to earn Resistance Points in their region. One of the quickest ways to do this is by just playing the story missions. You can also earn Resistance points by doing side missions, destroying cult property, liberating outposts, saving civilians, and various other in game activities. To get your fourth weapon as quickly as possible, it is best to focus your efforts in one region.

Skill Tree
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It should be noted that Jacob’s Whitetail Moutains region is, effectively, the easiest to clear. Most people will more than likely just start out in John’s area, as this is largely how the game flows. If you have done this, just continue wrapping up Story Missions, and side missions, until you get to take out John Seed himself.

That’s it! One you take out a Far Cry 5 Lieutenant you will be able to nap that fourth weapon slot, so be sure to save some Perk Points for it. Check out the rest of our high quality FAR CRY 5 GUIDES if you need help with any other aspect of the game.