How to find Bailan’s Grave in Garden Story

A link to the past.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Garden Story comes across as a simple game on a surface level, but make your way into its dense forest, and you’ll find secrets hidden all over the place. This guide covers how to find one of those important secrets, Bailan’s Grave.

How to find Bainan’s Grave

Screenshot by Gamepur

Bailan’s Grave is off the beaten path in a location you’d rarely think to look in. As you walk through Treepath, there’s a section at the top of the area where a couple of Ooze like to gather. They’re harmless because they can’t get to you. However, if you cut your way through the twigs and stumps in the bottom right of the area, you can carve a path through to the top of this area. Go through the exit at the top here, and you’ll find Bailan’s Grave.

What is Bailan’s Grave?

This location is the grave of a past Guardian. You can do a few things here that are linked to new memories for Concord, but you’ll have to progress through the game to discover the exact details. You might notice that there’s a small plant here that needs watering. Try giving it various forms of Sap to see what happens.