How to find Farid Rueda’s Bear and Lion Murals in Forza Horizon 5

Take in the art of Mexico.

Image via Playground Games

To celebrate the culture of Mexico, Turn 10 Studios and Playground Games inserted several different murals to depict modern Mexican art in Forza Horizon 5. Two of these works: the Bear and Lion Murals, were done by artist Farid Rueda. These murals are not only in the game, but both need to be found as part of Accolade challenges. Here’s where you can find these in FH5.

To find the Bear and Lion murals, you will need to go to the town of Playa Azul. This town is where The Goliath takes place, and it’s located on the southeastern part of the map.

Screenshot by Gamepur

To find the Bear Mural, you will want to drive down the road in Playa Azul, that’s closest to the beach. This road leads to the Playa Azul Circuit race. Right before this circuit race, you should notice a massive, multi-story building that is orange and white. Drive up to its side, and you will find a colorful mural of the bear.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Head back to that road, and drive a couple of blocks past that building and the Playa Azul event. You should notice a green building right on the side of the road. On it is the second mural: the Lion Mural.

Screenshot by Gamepur

These murals need to be found in Forza Horizon 5 for a variety of reasons. Namely, these two murals must be found to complete all the Accolades for the Horizon Apex Outpost portion of the Festivals series. Follow these directions, and you’ll be on your way.