How to find Jacob Lamb’s implant in Playing for Keeps gig – Cyberpunk 2077

I see the eye.

No one plays nice in Night City, and in Cyberpunk 2077’s Playing for Keeps gig, you’ll have to retrieve a lost implant. The original owner, Jacob Lamb, lost it in a game of cards against the Tyger Claws gang. Jacob would have rather they went for his optics than for his life, so he lived another day, but now he needs the optics more than he fears them. It’s your job to retrieve it from them.

Where to find the Kashuu Hanten Bar

You need to head to the Kashuu Hanten Bar; it’s near Clarendon Street, which you can find by the southwest portion of Little China. It’s right under the large bridge that connects Watson to the City Center.

How to find Jacob Lamb’s implant

Once you reach the bar, you’ll need to search the establishment to find the implant. If you go through the front door, the Tyger Claw gang members inside the place will shoot you up. Rather than look at the front door, check out the sides and the back alleys. You can find a back door to the establishment on the right side, but an enemy is hanging out back there. You’ll need to take them out, quietly, if you don’t want everyone inside to hear you. There’s a satisfaction machine to the individual’s left that you can use to distract them before taking them out. There’s a nearby trash can you toss them in to hide the body.

Once you dispose of them, enter the establishment. There should be nearby electronics you can hack and then ping to see any nearby enemies if you have that Daemon on you. It’s a good way to keep an eye on them as you search the back of the Kashuu Hanten Bar.

Unfortunately, the door you need to access is locked. You can force it open, but that’s pretty loud. If you want to go beyond the door without being heard, you need to find the key card on the back table, beyond the enemy. You can lure them to you by using the radio, or you can sneak up behind them to silently take them out. After they’re gone, you can sneak up, grab the key, and then gain access to the door.

All you have to do now is return to that back door, open it, and you can find Jacob Lamb’s eye inside of a glass jar. It’ll be on the left side of the closet. Turn to grab it, and then exit the area.

To turn in the quest, make your way to the nearest drop point, marked on your map and your quest navigation. Turn in the eye, and you’ll have sealed the deal.