How to find the Action Figure in Liming Harbor in Destiny 2

Another action figure to add to your collection for working at a security station.


Screenshot via Bungie’s YouTube channel

One of the many action figures you need to find on Neomuna is in the Liming Harbor district of Destiny 2. This is the southern section of Neomuna city, and you’ll want to track it down if you’re going to complete your collection and unlock all the action figures for this planet. Like the others, this action figure will be hidden. Here’s what you need to know about how to find the action figure in Liming Harbor in Destiny 2.

Where to find the Liming Harbor action figure in Destiny 2

The only clue you have for this action figure’s location is that you need to make your way to Liming Harbor, and check in at the local security desk. The location of this security desk is vague, but tracking it down is not too difficult.

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Screenshot by Gamepur

You can find it close to the south of Liming Harbor, inside the large building at the center of the map. Enter the bottom area, and there will be a small desk you can interact with when you reach this area. Interact with the desk to get started.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The goal for this secret is for you to remain at your post, at the desk, and protect the location. You need to remain here while intruders attempt to attack you, similar to the action figure you need to track down in the Zephyr Concourse. Therefore, we recommend staying on the chair at this location and defending it from the many hostiles you must fight during this encounter.

Although survival is your top priority, you also need to protect the doors to the right and left of your position. If intruders enter these areas, you must reset the encounter and try again. We recommend using medium-range and close-range weapons to protect this area and potentially any power weapons you feel comfortable using.

Once the encounter has finished, you’ll receive the Action Figure as a reward.