How to find the baby carrier in The Sims 4

A baby carrier for your multitasking parent needs.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Get ready to say “goo goo ga ga” to the newest additions in The Sims 4 Growing Together. EA knows how much you love your little bundles of joy, which is why they have brought you a range of new items to make your lives even more exciting. From cute new outfits to interactive toys, your tiny Sims will surely be the most stylish and content babies on the block. You can even carry them everywhere you go, hands-free. The baby carrier is the ultimate baby-wearing companion for parents on the go. So get ready to text your friends, stroll on the sidewalk, and even cook while you carry your baby. Here’s how to find the baby carrier in The Sims 4.

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Where is the baby carrier in The Sims 4?

Screenshot by Gamepur

Many Simmers have come up empty-handed in their search for this coveted carrying contraption. Our best guess is that you’ve been scouring Build Mode, but sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s not there. The baby carrier hides in plain sight — in Create a Sim mode. If you need it broken down step-by-step, here are all the steps you’ll need to follow:

  1. Select your infant
  2. Open the Baby Care option from the wheel
  3. Choose “Set preferred back carrier”
  4. Look for the “Put baby in back carrier” option

The baby carrier in The Sims 4 Growing Together has been hyped up more than a Hollywood blockbuster movie. Its irresistible charm makes players salivate at the mere thought of getting their hands on it. Unfortunately, however, there has been a widespread misconception amongst players that the item doesn’t exist in the game or that it’s been tampered with by mods. And let’s be honest, after seeing the Infant Update’s laundry list of missing items, who can blame them for their skepticism?