Which mods are broken by The Sims 4: Infant Update?

When the game overrides a mod, it breaks.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The thrill of adding new features and changing up the game can bring new life to even the most seasoned of Sims 4 players. However, new updates can sometimes break mods you’ve installed, providing you with quite a headache. With the Infant Update, many Sims 4 modders are finding themselves in a bit of a pickle as their beloved mods clash with the new features. Let’s take a look at every Sims 4 mod that’s been broken by the Infant Update and check how you can keep track of which ones are being fixed.

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Which mods are broken after The Sims 4: Infant Update?

Screenshot by Gamepur

This patch has shaken up the mod scene more than a baby’s first steps, thanks to its novel features, enhancements, and a fresh life stage that Simmers will relish experiencing. Fear not, for the diligent creators are already hard at work updating their mods to adapt to the latest changes. Alas, the timeline for completion rests solely in the hands of the modders. The following mods have been confirmed to be non-functional:

To keep track of which mods get fixed and which mods stay broken, it would be wise to follow Scarlet’s Realm Mod Tracker. If you keep this tool handy, you’ll always know when mods become incompatible with The Sims 4’s latest patches, updates, and expansions.