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How To Find The Bulrush Express Secret Area in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Super Mario Bros. Wonder hides a secret area in the Bulrush Express stage, which is a pain to access.

The Bullrush Express level in Super Mario Bros. Wonder has a secret area that’s tricky to discover. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock the final secret exit in the Bullrush Express stage.

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Bullrush Express forces the player to touch a Wonder Flower to proceed through the stage. This will cause bulls to rush across the stage, which Mario must ride on top of to proceed, as a poisonous liquid continually rises, so you need to stay on the bulls to escape it. Bulrush Express has three Wonder Seeds, and the first two are easy to find, as you just need to complete the stage as normal to find them. The third one is locked in a secret area, requiring one of Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s new power-ups.

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How To Open The Secret Area In Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s Bulrush Express Stage

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At the end of the Bulrush Express stage, the player character must jump up several platforms, leading to a red pipe and the first Wonder Seed. There are bricks to the right of this area, but Mario cannot break them without a power-up, as the bulls don’t reach this part of the stage.

To access this area, the player needs Super Mario Bros. Wonder’s elephant power-up, as its trunk swipe can be used to break the bricks. The best option is to return to World 1-1, get two elephant power-ups, then return to Bulrush Express. This means you’ll have a backup in case you take a hit during the stage.

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Once you break the bricks, you’ll find a new area with a yellow pipe. Go up the pipe, and you’ll reach the secret area, which has a massive spike pit and a bull sitting on its own. Drop down onto the bull, and it will run to the end of the stage. All you need to do then is to jump onto the flagpole to unlock the final Wonder Seed.

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You’ll need to finish Bulrush Express twice to unlock all of the Wonder Seeds, so it’s best to do a regular run-through first to get used to its pace and traps. Then, once you’ve claimed the first two Wonder Seeds, get some elephant power-ups, then return to find the secret area and finish the stage.

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