How to find the Coastal Cavern Collection Chest in Hogwarts Legacy

Not an easy place to find it.

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There are several Collection Chests for you to find in Hogwarts Legacy, most of which are hidden throughout the map. You can only find one in the Coastal Cavern region of Hogwarts Legacy, which connects South Sea Bog to the Poidsear Coast, a much more difficult portion of the game. Tracking down the hidden Collection Chest is tricky, but we can help make it easier. Here’s what you need to know about how to find the Coastal Cavern Collection Chest in Hogwarts Legacy.

Where to find the Coastal Cavern Collection Chest in Hogwarts Legacy

The Coastal Cavern is a smaller area at the center of the Hogwarts Legacy map. You will likely reach this location by making your way through the South Sea Bog. When you arrive here, we recommend going through the mines and getting to the Poidsear Coast. From here, head to the center of the Coastal Cavern and try to find the Tomb of Treachery Floo Flame fast travel location. This area is close to the rocks, connecting the South Sea Bog to the Poidsear Coast. You will likely have to wait until you reach the other side of the mines when you can use your broomstick to travel.

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When you arrive, make your way to the Tomb of Treachery dungeon location. It should be close to the Floo Flame icon, and you can interact with the entrance to go inside.

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Once inside the Tomb of Treachery dungeon, continue inside this location and take the second left. You should see the Collection Chest icon appear on the side. You can pick up the chest’s contents, and you will have found the only Collection Chest in the Coastal Cavern region. It’s a tricky Collection Chest to find when looking at the map, but far easier to track down once you know where to look in Hogwarts Legacy.

Screenshot by Gamepur