How big is the map in Sons of the Forest? Full map size

Bigger map, bigger adventure.

Image via Endnight Games

Sons of the Forest is a massive game where you are thrown into a forest filed with surprises. Your primary goal is to do everything you can to survive, which includes building shelters, gathering resources, and fighting different types of enemies. In the game, you will spend most of your time exploring the forest and its surroundings. Therefore, you might be wondering; how big is the map in Sons of the Forest? After all, it is important to learn as much as you can about a world where danger lies in every corner.

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Sons of the Forest map size

Compared to its predecessor, the map in Sons of the Forest is five times bigger.

Image via MapGenie

As you explore the map, you will experience different environments. There is even an area covered with snow. In short, every part of the map will put you through a different set of navigational challenges. Furthermore, there are multiple cannibal camps set up throughout the map, and these cannibals will try to rip you apart as soon as they set their eyes on you.

Caves are a major part of Sons of the Forest, and you can find plenty of them scattered across the map. It is pretty dark inside these caves, and you will encounter different mutants. In other words, these caves are not meant to be explored without the proper equipment. Next, we have bunkers. Just like the caves, these bunkers also contain plenty of items for you to loot, and they also happen to offer a 3D Printer which lets you create various items such as the Flask.

The map also has plenty of hidden spots from where you can get your hands on some useful items. For instance, there is a raft floating in the ocean which contains the pistol, while a grave in the southeast part of the map has a shotgun inside it. Aside from this, as you go deeper into the forest, you uncover different mysteries.