How to find the health regeneration Charm of Okuninushi in Ghost of Tsushima

Make recovering health much easier.

Ghost of Tsushima

The health regeneration Charm of Okuninushi is an ideal gear piece in¬†Ghost of Tsushima¬†that you can use to health yourself while out of combat. It ensures you don’t have to wait on having enough resolve to heal yourself, providing you with alternatives while wandering around the game. You can find it fairly early on, which could be extremely beneficial to many players who find themselves struggling with health.

You can find it north of the hidden springs forest. It’s nearby the mending rock shrine, but you probably won’t want to immediately go to this direction because of a staggering cliff. You need to go around, and you need to look for a woman standing in front of large wooden posts. Speak to her, and then follow the path of the wooden paths. The pathway takes you through various cliffsides and caves where you have to jump, crawl, and climb along a rock path.

Proceed forward through the path until you reach the end, and you should find yourself in front of narrow wooden bridges. Continue along the makeshift paths, and then jump over the broken bridge to reach the other side. The Charm of Okuninushi is on the other side. You should be able to reach this charm exceptionally early, making health management much easier as you progress through during the first few hours.