How to find the Machete in Sons of the Forest

A melee weapon to help you survive.

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Acquiring weapons in Sons of the Forest can be difficult, as the developers have placed them in different spots throughout the map. Some of them are inside caves, while others can be found out in the open. As for the Machete, it is a great melee weapon which you can rely on during close combat. In this guide, we are going to discuss how to find the Machete in Sons of the Forest.

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Where to find the Machete in Sons of the Forest

To get your hands on the Machete, you must make your way to the map’s northern side. On your way, you will also come across multiple cannibal camps. Don’t try to go through them if you’re not well equipped. But if you’re ready to deal with the cannibals, make sure to take them out so you can loot the camps as well.

Once you reach the shore, you must look around for red lifeboats near an abandoned camp. You can pick up the Machete from one of these abandoned boats. Before leaving, make sure to pick up all of the items from the surroundings. If you go near the tents, you’ll see a corpse. You can pick up the Shotgun Rail from it, which is an attachment for the Shotgun. Furthermore, you might also find some ammo for the shotgun in one of the crates nearby.

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While the Machete is a decent melee weapon, we won’t recommend it for the later parts of the game. You can rely on it during your first few days in the forest, but you should switch to a better weapon, like the Katana, as soon as you can.