How to find the secret door in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The not-so-secret door.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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Deep within the heart of Dreamlight Valley, there is a secret door that you can unlock. What secrets does it hold? That you must find out on your own. Mickey is there to help guide you to the door, but you are the only one who is capable of opening it. This guide will show you how you can find the secret door in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Where to find the secret door in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Mickey has a very long questline that will lead to you unlocking Minnie and discovering secrets hidden within Dreamlight Valley. When you finally raise Mickey’s Friendship Level up to level 10, he will have a quest for you called The Secret Door. When you get this quest, he will give you a chest to open. Opening the chest will reveal a memory of Dreamlight Valley. This image is a door with jewels in it hidden behind a curtain.

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Along with the image, you will get a riddle that says “Turrets and towers you will behold. Within: a door things new and old.” There is one part of the riddle that gives the whole thing away; “Turrets and towers.” This means that the door is hidden within Dream Castle. Make your way to the castle. After entering, turn to the right and go behind the potted shrubs. You will find a curtain; interact with it to reveal the door. The only problem is that it is missing some of its gems.

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Screenshot by Gamepur

After revealing the door, you will get the rest of the riddle. The second part goes, “It needs no key you’ve ever known. To open this door, find matching stones.” The gems referred to in the riddle are gemstones. You will need to match the gemstones found in the picture. These are:

  • Aquamarine Found on Dazzle Beach and in the Forest of Valor
  • Citrine Found in the Glade of Trust and Sunlit Plateau
  • Garnet Found in the Plaza and Peaceful Meadow
  • Tourmaline – Found in the Frosted Heights and Sunlit Plateau

After obtaining one of each of the gems, head back to the door. Place all of the stones in the door and it will unlock, granting you access to the secret room of the castle. Talk to Mickey after entering the room to complete the quest.