How to find the Sharkbite rifle in Far Cry 6

The Sharkbite rifle is great for those who are just getting started.


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The Sharkbite is one of the unique weapons you can find throughout Far Cry 6. Like most other unique weapons, it is hidden somewhere in Yara and you must discover its location. The description will tell you to search Rahe Plateau. Obviously, it doesn’t tell you exactly where that’s at, but that’s where we come in.

The Sharkbite is a good starter weapon because it comes pre-equipped with a suppressor, 2x sight, the Keep it Cool mod that increases the suppressor cooling rate, and the Extended Mag mod that increases the magazine size. This gun holds an astounding 20 rounds which is great for a single-shot rifle.

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Check out the map above. To obtain this weapon, you first need to take control of the Roca Pequena Sat Station FND Base located in the Conuco region. This base is located in the northwestern section of the region atop a large cliff. There are a few grappling points to use to reach the area or you can try to get there by using a plane or helicopter.

Once you arrive at the location, you can either take it over by killing all the enemies in the area or you can go straight to getting the weapon (we recommend the former rather than the latter). If you decide you want to brave the enemies, the key can be found in the office to the left of the large satellite dish.

Screenshot by Gamepur

To find the weapon, use the key to unlock the building at the top of the stairs next to the dirt runway. Inside you will find the chest containing the Sharkbite rifle.