How to find the Sink or Swim LMG in Far Cry 6

Will you swim to get this unique LMG, or will you end up sinking?


Screenshot by Gamepur

The Sink or Swim LGM is one of the unique weapons you can find scattered across Yara in Far Cry 6. When you look at the weapon in the menu, it will tell you to search the wreckage in Cauto De Paso Lagoon. Of course, the game doesn’t inform you where this area is located. It’s time to do some searching.

This LMG is great for new players because it comes pre-equipped with incendiary rounds, a good suppressor, the Keep it Cool mod that increases the suppressor’s cooling rate, and the Nimble Shooter mod that increases your movement speed while aiming.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Take a look at the map above. Most other unique weapons in the game are hidden on dry land. The Sink or Swim LMG is hidden under the water in a shipwreck. First, you will need to travel to the town of Barriga or any of the land surrounding the lagoon. The town is the best option because it has a boat waiting for you.

Hope on the boat sitting by the Criptograma Chest and take it out to the location on the map. Once there, dive under the water and search. A flag is sticking slightly out of the water, so you know where to find the wreckage. It is easy to miss, though. Be careful not to get attacked by any of the passing ships as well.