How to find the Stadium Stunt Park in Forza Horizon 5

Channel your inner Tony Hawk.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Series 5 has introduced a number of new PR stunt events, and some new venues to Forza Horizon 5. One example of these new additions is the Stadium Stunt Park, a park filled with halfpipes, ramps, and other structures that one would find at a traditional skate park. Forza players will need to come here in order to complete Series and playlist-specific challenges, but how exactly can you find it? It’s not that hard, and in fact, it uses a very familiar setting as a backdrop.

The Stadium Stunt Park in Forza Horizon 5 is technically new, but the new venue actually uses an existing structure in Mexico as its home. El Estadio Horizon — the football stadium that previously housed the winter-wonderland park a -couple of seasons ago — is the home of the Stadium Stunt Park.

Screenshot by Gamepur

El Estadio Horizon is located to the east of Tierra Prospera, and to the south of the city of Guanajuato.

Forza players will need to enter the venue through one of the two main entrances. Once that’s done, users will be able to do skate park stunts with vehicles, all while racking up Accolade points and completing challenges for those weekly playlist events.