How to find Worms in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Eww, a Worm!

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There are many creatures that you will eventually end up finding during your time in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Most of the creatures that are collectible are found in the sea or rivers of the valley, but Worms are found on land. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t tell you where to find these and they are necessary to complete a few quests. Here is how you can get Worms in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Where to find Worms in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You probably won’t even notice that Worms are in the game until you gain access to Maui’s questline. After you increase your friendship level with Maui to level two, he will give you a quest that requires you to find three Worms around the valley. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t even show Worms in the menu to give you a hint as to where they can be found.

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Luckily, you have the right tool for the job if you are looking to find worms. The tool you will need is the shovel that you obtained at the beginning of the game with the other Royal Tools. Pull out your shovel using the tool menu but don’t just start digging up the ground just anywhere. You will need to find small dirt mounds that are sparkling. Specifically, you will want to dig up the dirt mounds that are found near bodies of water.

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The mounds around any body of water have a chance to have Worms in them except for the ocean. Stay away from the beach and dig up the mounds found next to the ponds and rivers of the valley. Sure enough, you will eventually start digging up Worms. It is not guaranteed, so if you don’t get them right away, just keep digging.