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How to fish in Black Desert Online

Only a fisherman can swim in this sea of potential wealth.

Fishing in Black Desert Online can be a complicated task, mostly due to the fact that not much of the process is explained to you at once. When finally understood, players can then hunt down some valuable catches and begin to trade them for plentiful bits of silver. Whether you’re just starting out or are a veteran who just hasn’t gotten around to it, obtaining your first rod and starting your fisherman’s journey is a breeze.

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How to obtain a fishing rod

Most standard rods can easily be obtained through merchant otters sitting near the piers of coastal towns. If you’re currently further inland, you may be better off checking with your local city’s material vendor. The price of a standard fishing rod will cost around 500 silver, but they can also be made at workshops for the fair sacrifice of one Ash Timber.

For beginners, the fastest way to collect a fishing rod can be done by traveling to Velia. Although you may not see it on your map yet, head south of the level 12-15 Goblin icon (as shown below), and you will eventually run into the city’s pier. At this pier, there is an Otter named Crio that will offer a standard fishing rod, and you’ll be free to fish wherever after it is purchased.

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How to begin fishing

Once you’ve bought your rod, head into your inventory and simply click on it to equip the item. Then find yourself a spot about a foot away from any nearby water and tap either the space bar or the “A” button (depending on your platform) to cast your reel.

Within a minute, a fish should begin pulling on the rod and a catching meter should appear onscreen. To successfully make the catch, you’ll need to wait until the arrow within the meter reaches past the right side of the thin blue line. If done correctly, you should have yourself a fish to trade or cook.

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