How to Fish in Far Cry 5

Look, you’re very busy being a deputy in Hope County. Things are a little bit on the crazy side and it’s only natural that you need some downtime. Fortunately, fishing is a fairly relaxing experience that can even result in some nice financial gain. It’s also easy to do, if you’ve got just a few ingredients right. Read on to find out how to fish in Far Cry 5.

How to Fish

How to Fish in Far Cry 5
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Like many other games these days, fishing is an activity that players can participate in in Far Cry 5. Unlike some games, however, the fishing mechanics are quite straight forward. You need a few things to get started:

  • A fishing rod. You can find one sitting at a dock just east of Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Farm in John’s Region.
  • Bait, though only required if you want to attract fancier fish. Fortunately, there is a vendor at this very dock that will sell you what you need.
  • A good fishing hole. Just like hunting grounds get marked on your map, so do good locations for fishing.

Once you’re at a spot you want to try fishing at, simply equip your rod and bait and cast it into the water. You can usually spot areas that fish are located in by splashing and movement in the water. Try to cast your line near those fish in order to save time and make it easier to entice them to bite.

How to Fish in Far Cry 5
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You can then use your secondary fire button (right-mouse) to reel in the line. Combine that with some movement in order to move the line in the water and you should start seeing fish swim towards the bait. Once a fish bites, you’ll need to start reeling it in. This is where the fight begins.

The game tells you to oppose the movement of the fish by moving the rod in the opposite direction. I haven’t found it to be particularly easy to tell what direction the fish is pulling in, so I tend to focus on the direction the rod is bending into. Then I move the rod the other way to oppose the fish.

All the while you keep reeling in the line, but you have to keep an eye on the tension. The color of the line itself indicates when the line is about to snap. As it changes color from green to yellow to orange and eventually red, be sure to stop reeling in before it snaps. It’s a delicate dance of pulling the fish closer and ensuring the line won’t break. Once the fish is close enough, it’ll happily leap into your arms and be yours to sell.

How to Fish in Far Cry 5
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You’re now an expert angler, deputy! Go forth and take a break from rounding up crazy cultists and don’t forget that you can find more guides in our Far Cry 5 Guide Hub.